Tuesday, March 2, 2010

oh, hello capitol.

i was most definitely overly excited this entire weekend because:
-i was fortunate enough to be selected by the chancellor to attend UCSA
-he paid for everything including rooms at a swanky hotel priced at $600 a night (gov. schwarzeneggar lives in the penthouse on the top floors)
-he paid for our food and we ate very well indeed.
-i made so many new friends/met new people
-was able to help my hotel roommate with her econ homework (yes, excited)
-we wrecked havoc at the capitol at midnight and partied way too late for the time had to be up
-i actually went inside the capitol building and fell in love.
-i lobbied! and fell in love again.
-i marched around the streets of dtown sacramento, was featured on local news and attended a rally/press conference.

thank you sac, you are beautiful.

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