Tuesday, August 31, 2010

gentleman, good night. ladies...good morning.

songs i listen to that get me ridiculously pumped up to begin/endure running many miles:
1. frontin' - pharrell williams (stuck in 2002 obviously, but this is my current favorite song. i usually begin with this, the rest are no particular order)
2. bowl of oranges- bright eyes
3. american boy- estelle f. kanye
4. new york- jayz f. alisha keys
5. photobooth- friendly fires
6. no you girls- franz ferdinand
7. animal- miike snow
8. big pimpin- jayz
9. senorita- justin timberlake
10. wake up- arcade fire
11. the big guns- jenny lewis f. watson twins
12. daft punk is playing at my house- lcd soundsystem
13. going up the country- canned heat
14. the skin of my yellow country teeth- clap your hands say yeah
15. knife- girl talk's remix of grizzly bear

p.s. tomorrow is september, then it'll be october and then october 18 and that's when i run the real deal. crap.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sometimes training for a marathon is dangerous.

last night i finished 6 miles to find the top of my normally silver shoe red.
i took off my newly dyed shoe to find my normally white sock also red.
there is no sign of how this injury happened.
sometimes training for a marathon is dangerous.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


you are my human form of Zoloft.
happy birthday D.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

recent revelations.

there are no poorly lit camera phone pictures of food for this. just sweet and simple aspects of life that make me inextricably happy.
-drinking stale, year-old beer with two friends. giggling over things that probably aren't that funny. making pacts to never drink alone. making pacts that when we are alone, we will come to each other, always.
-foreign films, faking accents, and falling asleep in beds together.
-the security of home. the automatic best friendships that occur with siblings.
-scones and green tea. early mornings with lots of fog.
-girl crush on Angelina Jolie. pretending that i know her and that i will be exactly like her character in Salt.
-planning birthday parties. surprises, cake.
-long walks and late night talks.
-economics. reading economics, learning economics, i might be the only person who really enjoys economics.
-not too distant future plans: marathon, tattoo, london, boston.