Tuesday, March 30, 2010

an indirect letter to ivy wisner, on her birthday.

So this lady is one of my closest friends and being that I am a month and a handful of days older than her, I am obviously more mature and worldly so this is perhaps the most important birthday message she will read. There is so much I hope for her during her twentieth year of life. Ivy is one of those friends where hypocrisy is at its all time high. I mean, we judge/criticize/influence/give each other advice constantly when we are in no position to at all since we don't follow half of what we're telling the other anyway. But I suppose that's the beauty in this relationship. We're both each other's mother hen/sluttiest friend/random adventurer/savior and we've seen each other at the best and worst*. So now Ivy, this is direct and I am talking to you; Happy Birthday. I love you more than I ever dare say out loud. Twenty is not that old, however, it is one year closer to cat lady years (aka your prime).

*just note that Ives' worst is a lot worse than mine.


  1. Lol this is so sweet but it's like 80% bagging on me. Awsumm.

  2. nah, bagging on both of us dude. hah. also, mildly sarcastic.