Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2005 called. it wants its pants back.

I wore these today. no big deal. They remind me of 2005 though. These were really cool in 2005. Lately I've been into categorizing things by timeframe, preferably year. It all started last summer when Best Friend and I were driving through god knows where Central California looking for a gas station. We were in this tiny town and he mentioned it looked like 2006. It totally made sense. Some things just look like a year.
So anyway, 2005 has been my favorite reference lately. I think 2005 was a good year for me. I met my future first boyfriend (though we didn't start dating til 2007. took it slow, duh) and I took the picture for my license that is still on my license. Generally, I thought I was badass in 2005. But back to these pants. They are 2005 but also really appropriate for days like this; e.g. when it's warm outside but freezing inside classrooms. Great ventilation system, 2005 pants. (and don't worry, I'll do my laundry so I don't ever have to wear these again)

p.s. That awkward moment when a guy texts that he "needs you" and of course he doesn't know it but he might be your secret crush and you revert to what the 2005 you would have done and take it out of context and assume, ohmygodomg he might 'like like' me? That happened today.
p.p.s. Spring break is over and I'm bummed. I didn't really do much yet I was busy the whole time. hate that.
p.p.p.s. I love all my classes and have a girl crush on my woman professor. I'm adding her to the role model list.
p.p.p.p.s. I also love work. My boss(es) raises guinea pigs, makes drinking references, encourages snack time. Of course we're going to get along.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

karma is only a bitch when you're one.

Ridiculously great things that happened today:
1. I finally got a job. A REAL one with stable hours and one for pay, not an internship (internships are cool but come on, they don't buy my coffee). And more than that, it's a job in a field I hope to go into as a career. i. am. so. excited. abjfgbdfjg!

2. I'm done with the requirements for my pre-law degree! Hallelujah! I still have to take my senior seminar for my economics major and finish up a couple classes for the minor I picked up. But being done with crusty law books (for now) and knowing that my diploma will indeed say B.A. LAW ? awesome. high five.

but these things happened when I needed them to most. This week was brutal and lately I've been feeling off in general and the situation is Japan is really impacting me. I'm blessed.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


"Oh no, did I poke you first and can't remember? Because that would be awkward..."
"No, I drew blood first."

thank god. i was having the hardest time remembering if i was fbook creeping again. i was up for 41 hours prior to last night and today my body has gone down the drain. it was possible but finally for once i wasn't and that's why i like this boy.

anyway, finals. brb.

Friday, March 11, 2011

you know who's looking fine tonight? seth mosakowski.

1. "Aubrey, wanna come over and put fake mustaches on and take pictures of ourselves?" is that even a question? So we did that the other night until 4am when we decided to go to the gym. Woo college.

2. Have you ever been walking and see a cute guy ahead but it's hot outside and you're in a rush so you might be sweaty but rather than risk it, you detour to avoid him? No? Maybe that's just me.

3. Let's talk about gas. No, saying that you (hypothetical person, not YOU exclusively) are attending "no gas on March 14th" or whatever isn't going to change anything. Not buying gas for one day doesn't change the long run supply & demand, or even short run for that matter, it doesn't change instability in the Middle East. If anything, OPEC is going to log into Fbook and laugh at all the people who are "attending" a fake event. It's macroeconomics baby.
edit 3.12: I just marked that I'm "attending"No Lamborghini Day! in which we will all not buy a Lambo for a day in order to get the price down so then we can all afford one. lol I love econ majors.

4. I was really sad today for Japan. Since when did natural disasters become political? "This earthquake was probably a Republican but since Japan has universal health care, I'm not so sure we can help them..." No one actually said that but Fox news was on and their discussion was in the same genre of ridiculous.
And how news programs are compelled to create sensationalist titles for everything. My favorite is always STORM WATCH 2011 (or insert year) but this DISASTER IN THE PACIFIC is a close second.
Also, it was mentioned that Pres Obama was woken up at 4am and told of the disaster. I really want to know whose job it is to wake him because that can be a pretty awkward situation, going into his private bedroom, Michelle asleep in the same bed.
"Barack, wake up. There's 'Disaster in the Pacific.'"
and if he's like any normal person it will take him a minute to register. (and if he's like me there are granola bar wrappers in his bed because he's a sleep-walking-eater.) "What? oh okay." goes back to sleep.
"No, B-man, you should really get up and talk to some people. Hillary's on her way."
because in my perfect world, Hillary is always saving the day. but really, it seems like the wake-upper position should be a lowly intern's job. If so, sign me up.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the preservation of my soul.

i'm giving up the following, all of which are near and dear to my heart, for Lent.
-refined sugar
-purchases (anything other than food...food that is not included in the above)

see you in 40 days Arizona iced tea, Doublemint and Target.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

lol, so tonight.

ideally i'm doing homework. papers, primary law sources from the middle ages, reviewing chapter after chapter of mac theory. but realistically this hasn't happened yet. i have about 500 tabs open, most of which are shopping websites because i find such satisfaction in filling online shopping carts only to freak out and close everything later on. i'm gchatting with a boy and we always make plans but they never happen because we're both kind of too lazy to get dressed for the public world and instead challenge each other at word womp or typingtutor. oh, and i'm drinking wine because i don't know what else to do.
anyway. i'm also thinking about tattoos. i'm going tomorrow but it's difficult because there are so many things i want and i'm afraid before long my body (arms) will be filled and i'll be judged and my mom will be disappointed and i'll ruin future wedding pictures and i'll never get a real job and i'll be stuck in a hot climate and have to wear long sleeves all the time to be socially accepted and i'll spend my evenings drinking $9 wine from the bottle. it's an issue and i have 24 hours to decide the direction of my life.
i also would really like to bake some carmel sea salt brownies right now. you see, i got a kitchenaid mixer for my birthday that's begging to be used but there's homework (which i'm not even doing) and then the fact that somehow these brownies will need to be eaten and i don't want to go at it alone. of course i could make the five minute drive to gchat boy's house and share but then there's that above problem of getting dressed, leaving the comfort of my bed/online computer game competitiveness.

oh friday nights. what promises you hold, you are such a tease.

p.s. In case you were wondering, I'm completely obsessed with Adele's "21." If you've ever been a sufferer of a broken heart you will relate. but even if you haven't you can appreciate because this girl has some pipes.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

stormin' the capitol.

Last weekend I attended the UCSA student lobby conference as a delegate from my campus for the second year.
[with a couple of my freshman babies in the debriefing room. waiting.]

Highlights include:
-new friends (including freshman asking me for life advice and feeling old when it was mentioned they were born in 1992)
-attending conference workshops.
-lobbying! donning Hillary Clinton power suits everyday; feeling like a seasoned pro in the Capitol building; networking with assemblymen's interns.
-being a fan-girl all weekend to this ridiculously good looking Boalt Law/public policy Berkeley grad student ("There's probably two of you in this room who are actually interested in this." I honestly so was. and the fact that he was good looking and super smart and not an ass about his accomplishments. even better.)

honorable mentions:
-THE DRIVE UP TO SACRAMENTO! we endured rain, sleet, snow, saw a car fall off a cliff and stopped to help. I was a nervous wreck & spent the remainder of the drive being comforted by this boy I had barely met two hours ago. ("Aubrey, do you need a hug?" and so we sat in the backseat hugging.) but really, those people were so lucky to be alive and I called 911 for the second time in my life.

overall: I love activism, politics, passionate people, hotel food.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i don't call him apple head anymore.

evidence that a lot has changed since I was nine and he was five-years-old.

brother: "Where have you been all weekend?"
me: "I was in Sacramento, why?"
brother: "Because you were gone for like five hundred days and you didn't tell me."

insert sentimentalism here.