Sunday, March 14, 2010

it's always this.

I believe that being kind to everyone is necessary. A full meal will make you feel better always. Actions speak louder than words so do good and spread love. I believe in walking or biking instead of driving to save gas, the planet, and your dress size. Bargain shopping is often the best shopping. It’s true when they say that time will heal most things. Everyone should have the best education. I think karma is real so pick up litter even if it’s not yours. Mascara should be worn at all times. VITAMINS. I believe that your parents can be your best friends and your siblings your closet confidants. Sort your socks and don't even touch your phone while driving. Remember to forgive your past and eat your vegetables. It’s not intelligence but hard work that matters most. I believe in the power of love and compassion. Call your grandparents just to say hi. A smile is one’s best accessory. When strapped for cash, Vaseline will do the job just as well as any fancy moisturizer. A party can be as simple as your best friend, an ipod, and an aimless car ride. Going to the movies by yourself every once in awhile doesn’t make you a loner. I believe in hand writing thank you letters to let people know you appreciate and care. Wear sunscreen on your face everyday and don’t be embarrassed to ask questions, especially the dumb ones.

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