Monday, March 29, 2010

i am nothing if i'm not a pragmatist.

in case you were concerned, this is my academic-i'm-going-to-be-super-selfish-and-focus-on-improving-myself quarter (and i made a pact with two of my best friends so i cannot break this, obviously.)
-4.0 gpa. i've been to one class so far but i have a good feeling about this quarter.
-outside reading. seriously, i'm lagging and there is so much i want to read.
-follow through. such as, filling out applications, keeping appointments.
-exercise (even more). you know, being shallow and staring at the vs swim suit hanging on the back of my door.
-more cooking/baking, also seriously lagging.
-exploring, whether on foot or in car. with company or not.
-more creative endeavors. such as, finishing the skirt and pillow cases i started sewing last summer, headbands, small projects here and there.
-time management. there are just so many activities i could be doing instead of wasting my time doing what i do do (and half the time i don't even know what that is).

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