Monday, January 31, 2011

hola ombre!

This weekend I kept thinking about how I've been wanting to dye my hair in the 'ombre' style (like what I did with the title up there?) So I took a study break, bought a highlighting kit and did it. and you kind of can't even tell because my hair naturally has random blonde/copper highlights. Anyway.
*post-8am midterm aggression face.
-Last week was taxing and come Friday, nothing sounded better than my cozy bed, 30 Rock and the two episodes of Pretty Little Liars I missed, and an apple with peanut butter. So that's exactly what I did. No shame.
-Saturday night I headed to LA for A's boy's birthday. Since when do my friends turn 23?! There was plenty of dancing and therefore a happy me despite the fact that I smacked my forehead into a car door and got a baby black eye/broken brow bone? It really feels like it. Hah!
-Also, this gem ceaselessly played in my head during my midterm on Friday. This song was awesome in 1999 when my friends and I used to make dance circles as we each pretended to be a girl in the song. I secretly wanted to be "Jessica" but my friend Jessica was "Jessica" so I settled for Rita. Unfortunately, thinking of this song for the first time in eleven years did not help me with econometrics.
-I just finished a midterm and am now in the lib preparing for a week of econ. It's week 5 and you gotta stay on it, ya know? But so we had this midterm but before this guy was telling me abut his girl's DUI, her 180 day prison sentence and his skye interview with her attorney. COOL STORY BRO.

Monday, January 24, 2011

so this girl has been harassing me since I was 18-years-old and all i keep thinking about is Conan.

aka I'm almost 21 and I still have a bully.
Since I watched, and cried to, Conan's farewell speech [] on the Tonight Show over a year ago, I feel like his wisdom is applicable to so many situations. I question where/if my heart belongs to and if my beliefs coincide with any religion but what I do know is this: I truly believe in karma and that what we put into this world, that energy, will ultimately come back to us. (which is really a foundational philosophy for many religions but let's not get too deep.)
And so I mentor a second grade girl who is also currently dealing with a bully and I was wondering how I could possible tell this small child that she will grow up and everything will be okay, when I myself am still being belittled as a grown adult? And aside from wanting to get angry/be a victim and cry/I don't know, honestly hurt her (my dad didn't put me through six years of karate for nothing), I want to ask this bully if she realizes she is acting like a 7 year old child. I want to know if she takes pleasure in being a bitch (don't answer that, I'm sure you do and it's lame and it's pathetic). But I don't take such pleasure. And I'm not sure if I ever could.
I don't even know where I'm getting with this but to my sweet beautiful little friend Ella, be kind. Always always choose kindness.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

atta girl Aub/you go glen coco!

I don't like the word "resolution" because I feel like I set myself up for failure (I'm a realist). So in honor of the resolutions I could have made but didn't, I present the following:

#1: Don't make unnecessary purchases. (these beautiful vintage clogs are obviously the exception)
#2: Cut back on the sugar intake. (after I proceed to finish an entire bag of these peanut butter-filled babies over the span of three days)
#3: Drink less coffee. Honestly, I'm not that bad and on top of that I've even cut down. Coffee is more of a treat now (every other day or once a day) while copious amounts of green/black tea is daily.

#4: Stop embarrassing myself. (but I'm such a sucker for poorly done photoshop...)

So twenty days into the new year, and all my hypothetical resolutions are thrown out the window. But resolutions, who needs them? Instead, I set goals!
Goals for 2011 I will actually accomplish:
-greens everyday. most acceptably at least one salad a day.
-cook most meals at home. should be easy if I take the time & will save money honey.
-yoga, pilates, cycle class all at least twice a week.
-improved organization. personal space-wise and school-wise.
-be more sustainable. (ignore the paper cup above. that was truly once) recycle more, use reusable mugs/water canteen all the time.
-highly edit internet/tv usage. instead fill with books and outdoor adventures.
-4.0 gpa!
all the rest are too embarrassing for this public forum.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

it's not easy being green.

Meet the green monster. I discovered the green monster on a baking blog and decided to incorporate it to upgrade my breakfast protein shake.

Old shake:
1 banana
some "light" plain soymilk (i eyeball it)
.5-1 scoop soy protein powder
some crushed ice
& blend til smooth.
New "green monster" shake:
1 banana
"light" plain soymilk
.5-1 scoop soy protein powder
handful fresh spinach (chop it up a little for a smoother texture)
smaller handful fresh kale
some crushed ice
blend, and ta da! a delicious nutritious breakfast.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

bringing in 2011 by...moving furniture?

Yeah we did. But not for the whole night. I had taken some hilarious pictures of us via my phone at exactly midnight but I guess I didn't think to save them. Instead, here's a picture of S and J getting ready to move furniture. It really was a perfect NYE, though.