Tuesday, March 9, 2010

better than finals

Instead of stressing out about finals like I should be (and secretly am, my first is this Saturday wtf) , I decided to make a list of a few things that inspire me as of late.
1. my best man friends. so i have several best friends and though the Parisians are always my immediate best friends, i find that there is no friend quite like the best man friend. they offer the much needed reality check, make the best dates when you don't want to go to a party alone, tend to be less of enablers (except when it comes to cigarettes, coffee, and maybe some other things) and the male perspective is always appreciated, especially when concerning whether the asshole tendencies of males should be tolerated. love love bf, gypsy king, sean, and andy.
2. music. sorry but i really feel like i have the best taste in music sometimes. thank you for keeping me sane ezra furman, m. ward, rogue wave, girls, eef barzelay and the like.
3. coffee. so lately it's like this: boys constantly think of sex, i constantly think of coffee. and then i drink it to the point of illness. that's all.
4. running. i've gotten to the point where five miles is a breeze, hills aren't that hard to run up and if i go a day without, i feel incomplete.
5. taking notes. i mainly go to class to take notes and color code everything in ranking of importance.

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