Sunday, April 4, 2010

like a bird, i always fly away.

if you've never taken a solo road trip, i seriously recommend it. and i mean a trip where you are not consumed with time, where you can think of all the cliche song lyrics on being free and do what you want when you want. with that in mind, i was supposed to go shopping thursday after class but instead i kept driving and went to fresno because boo said she needed a hug. here's what happened subsequently:
-did something i probably shouldn't have.
-being only two hours away is the perfect excuse to keep driving and end up in berkeley.
-stopped to look at a field of llamas and take horrible self portraits with them.
-stopped at various fruit stands for driving foods.
-best friend was (is always) down for coffee, cigarettes, secrets and lots of aimless walking.
-indian cultural day, consisting of holi festival and food.
-jungle party.
-night hiking and summer plans.
-driving six hours at speeds varying 65-85 mph with an expired license and expired plate tags to be home in time for easter.

but if you do this, make sure you have more than three cds.


  1. WTF I'll never understand you. Tell me all about it sometime.

  2. I really adore that pic BTW