Thursday, April 8, 2010

half of the time, i don't even know what i'm saying.

What I'm saying: I need you.
What I mean: I adore you and you don’t even know it. You keep me grounded, happy, give me something to look forward to. I’m such a school girl.

What I'm saying: I don't really like John Mayer anymore.
What I mean: John Mayer makes me feel too much, makes me remember too much, makes me regret too much. Emotional association with songs is a love/hate relationship.

What I'm saying: “They’re kind of hard to pull on, you know?”
What I mean: The extent of my cigarette knowledge isn’t far past the colored boxes but I heard this about that brand so I’m going to say it because you’re a boy, you’re cool, and I’m going to impress you.

What I'm saying: I have no time.
What I mean: There's so much running through my mind. So much I want to do, so much I have to do. Ideas escape me as requirements fill my notebook and take up space on my desk.

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