Sunday, April 25, 2010

brother sport.

Brother and I have developed this odd game where we run for treats. Literally, we run to go get treats. The rules include; the establishment of choice has to be at least two miles from our house and we have to at least run the way there. I'm down for any time of physical activity and we're both in love with anything sugar laden so it works. So far we've hit up Dairy Queen, 7-11, Panera, and Coffee Bean. And treats and sentimental moments aside, it's so refreshing to talk (mostly about tattoos, we're bros obviously) and get to spend time together before we both go our separate ways with our separate friends for the night. On most of the trips we've encountered friends who offer us rides home. Most people don't understand running/walking for recreation. Besides, we just ate cookies the circumference of my head/20 ounces of sugar ice/a half gallon of ice cream, we need this walk.

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