Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Letters

Dear stolen ipod,
I seriously miss you. I hope you are in a good place (though you’re most likely not).

Dear weekend boyfriend/asshole,
Okay so I take back some of what I said. You are still adorable, I am still alive, and it was truly fun while it lasted. Also, I feel like you’ll be a recurring theme in my life so I shall see you soon.

Dear body,
I apologize for abusing you/causing you so much harm this past week. Give me a couple days to get you healthy again.

Dear David,
I miss you, come back from Oregon already. We need to swap stories and see what you remember.

Dear Julie, Anais, and the general city of Berkeley,
Thank you for saving me. I owe you more than you realize.

Dear eyebrows,
Prepare to get tweezed.

and Dear dying plant in my room,
Please come back to life! I’m sorry for neglecting you.


  1. Dear Aubrey;

    Your life is about to become a whirlwind of amazing.

    I hope you are ready!
    I love & miss you

  2. This is highly amusing. The only way to pay back what you owe is to visit Berkeley often!