Monday, August 31, 2009

you shall know our velocity

ashley, sean, and i took a road trip this past weekend. where did we go? berkeley of was lovely and made me realize how much i love and miss the berkelians.
really great events that occured:
-running up the street to meet the berks, yelling hugging, and in my case, crying. i am emotional about everything.
-dragging the rickshaw everywhere and getting stuck on an escalator.
-festivities at anais' apartment.
-sean wanting to be "taken away" by the rickshaw and then a skateboard
-meeting trisha's co-op friends! and seeing the co-op itself. so perfect.
-zibabwe and saving three dollars and the friends we acquired outside.
-julie saving the day again as we were evicted.

-julie and shilpa's apartment, their new futon, and their cute kitchen with the window i'm obssessed with.
-business as usual with david even though we were apart for a week. coffee, analyzing, secrets.
-the marina! and all the walking adventures
-clark kerr and its huge glory.
-david's lame roommates.
-almost vomitting in front of david's dorm because of my meds.
-class with david, i owned him at chemistry, thanks in part to 'chemistry for everyone.'
-the drive. part of the novelty is always the drive for me. included beyonce, cuban rap, and of course the music that so well defines us parisians.

"oh no, now we're john donning beyonce."
Thank you Berkeley!

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