Monday, August 17, 2009

connect five?

10 Years Ago...
i was 9. i was into pop music, animals, and putting on plays/dance recitals for my mom.
5 things on my to do list... (i obviously still have a month and half of summer, ugh)
1.) sew pillows and mend clothes
2.) read lots of books
3.) ride my bike a lot
4.) learn some new recipes
5.) figure out school and life stuff
5 snacks I enjoy...
1.) cherries
2.) whole grain wheat thins
3.) nectarines
4.) carrots with dill dip
5.) scones
5 favorite things...
1.) best friends
2.) adventures
3.) pretty dresses
4.) sabon's dead sea salt scrub
5.) secrets
5 places I have lived...
1.) st. paul, minnesota
2.) little canada, minnesota
3.) yucaipa, california
4.) redlands, california
5.) santa cruz, california
5 things most people don't know about me...
1.) i have a really difficult time taking naps so i don't.
2.) i'm extremely ritualistic when it comes to hygiene.
3.) i love watching the morning talk shows. i might be a middle aged woman.
4.) i love when people argue in french. it's amazing.
5.) i love gummy anything and i don't mind sharing with you so just ask, i'm sure i have a bag of gummy spaghetti in my purse.

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