Tuesday, April 5, 2011

thoughts as of 8:50pm on a Tuesday

-the general population gives weird attention/respect to individuals who wear business attire. i don't like this kind of attention ("power" suit actually has context behind it). this is just my uniform everyday (as of last week, haha) and it makes getting dressed more efficient but i got my blazer at jc penny's. i'm not power trippin.
-average law school debt= $89 thou and some change. insert hyperventilation here/i hope the world ends in 2012 so everything's insignificant in the LR.
-thumbs up to my Africa econ class. a subject that's not (entirely) euro-centric is refreshing. plus my professor's wife is a diplomat. guess who's going to office hours every session? this girl.
-my obsession with Drake? getting ridiculous. i woke up spooning my laptop which had frozen during one of his music videos which i had began watching & fell asleep to somewhere in 3am.
-coachella. 9 days. come sooner/quicker. i'm dying for you.
-you will never regret waking up early to leave your warm bed to go run in the cold. you will never be pissed off after going to a yoga class. you will never regret a workout. with that being said...

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