Saturday, April 30, 2011

11:21 on A SATURDAY

Saturday night and I'm studying. again. my weekends have recurring themes and i'm strangely okay/immune to this. tomatoes, tomahtoes.

-so i participated in a NCMO (non committal make out) high school style in a car in a jack in the box parking lot last weekend. unfortunately it will probably just stay as stated. we tried to cross the friends line. very risky and unpredictable but if the friendship is intact after said "hey let's try dating!!" then it's usually for the best. i chalk this up to being my fault of course. my "focus" on other aspects of my life leaves little leeway for frivolities of long-term dating/serious relationships, much to my mother's dismay. contrary to popular belief, being single doesn't mean you're unhappy or lonely or pining after an exboyfriend. it's actually quite the opposite and means i'd rather not act a fool and be in love and instead make money/graduate from fucking college. regardless, he looked really cute in a beanie and smelled delicious too. i'll continue with my shallow journey of getting hotter (or just hot?) (re: gym all the time, better makeup).
-it's a fact that i dislike sundays. something cool might happen tomorrow though. if it doesn't that's fine, i'll continue to dislike sundays and the world spins madly on. but if it happens, you'll read about it, i'm sure.

p.s. i'm not actually currently studying. i'm watching cspan (white house correspondence dinner, what what!) and drinking chocolate wine. i'm meeting with the NCMO at coco's at 4am. who needs anything else?

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