Thursday, January 20, 2011

atta girl Aub/you go glen coco!

I don't like the word "resolution" because I feel like I set myself up for failure (I'm a realist). So in honor of the resolutions I could have made but didn't, I present the following:

#1: Don't make unnecessary purchases. (these beautiful vintage clogs are obviously the exception)
#2: Cut back on the sugar intake. (after I proceed to finish an entire bag of these peanut butter-filled babies over the span of three days)
#3: Drink less coffee. Honestly, I'm not that bad and on top of that I've even cut down. Coffee is more of a treat now (every other day or once a day) while copious amounts of green/black tea is daily.

#4: Stop embarrassing myself. (but I'm such a sucker for poorly done photoshop...)

So twenty days into the new year, and all my hypothetical resolutions are thrown out the window. But resolutions, who needs them? Instead, I set goals!
Goals for 2011 I will actually accomplish:
-greens everyday. most acceptably at least one salad a day.
-cook most meals at home. should be easy if I take the time & will save money honey.
-yoga, pilates, cycle class all at least twice a week.
-improved organization. personal space-wise and school-wise.
-be more sustainable. (ignore the paper cup above. that was truly once) recycle more, use reusable mugs/water canteen all the time.
-highly edit internet/tv usage. instead fill with books and outdoor adventures.
-4.0 gpa!
all the rest are too embarrassing for this public forum.

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