Monday, January 31, 2011

hola ombre!

This weekend I kept thinking about how I've been wanting to dye my hair in the 'ombre' style (like what I did with the title up there?) So I took a study break, bought a highlighting kit and did it. and you kind of can't even tell because my hair naturally has random blonde/copper highlights. Anyway.
*post-8am midterm aggression face.
-Last week was taxing and come Friday, nothing sounded better than my cozy bed, 30 Rock and the two episodes of Pretty Little Liars I missed, and an apple with peanut butter. So that's exactly what I did. No shame.
-Saturday night I headed to LA for A's boy's birthday. Since when do my friends turn 23?! There was plenty of dancing and therefore a happy me despite the fact that I smacked my forehead into a car door and got a baby black eye/broken brow bone? It really feels like it. Hah!
-Also, this gem ceaselessly played in my head during my midterm on Friday. This song was awesome in 1999 when my friends and I used to make dance circles as we each pretended to be a girl in the song. I secretly wanted to be "Jessica" but my friend Jessica was "Jessica" so I settled for Rita. Unfortunately, thinking of this song for the first time in eleven years did not help me with econometrics.
-I just finished a midterm and am now in the lib preparing for a week of econ. It's week 5 and you gotta stay on it, ya know? But so we had this midterm but before this guy was telling me abut his girl's DUI, her 180 day prison sentence and his skye interview with her attorney. COOL STORY BRO.

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