Friday, October 29, 2010

single handedly supporting the tow truck industry.

Who: Me. and my car, Ladybird.
What: Car fire!
When: today, this afternoon, before my Supreme Court class.
Where: Baker’s drive-thru.
Why: Ladybird is pretty old for Ford standards and she’s been sick for a long time. She’s like a cat with nine lives but this may have been the tenth.
How: Spontaneous combustion?

this happened as I was two or three cars from getting my food. I quickly turned Lady off but then had to turn her back on the get to the window, there were like ten cars behind me, I couldn't just sit there ya know? So then there's me with smoke and a baby flame coming out of Lady, the guy asking "Would you like ketchup or hot sauce?" and me yelling, "Yeah, sure anything!"
so I take this as a sign of fate telling me 1. I should have been in class, 2. I shouldn't have been eating fast food, 3. I shouldn't have been unabashedly playing Tay Swift in public, 4. I should stop exaggerating so much when I don't need to because this happens...
I call my brother, "Kev, are you home? My car's on fire at Baker's."
Him: "I don't believe you, no it's not." which is exactly what happened when I called after T and I got hit by that car last Christmas. "Kevin, are you awake? Trisha and I were just hit by a car."
Him: "No, you weren't"
I only call him first because I know he'll always answer but I hope that when a 'real' emergency occurs, he'll finally forget that time I lied to him when we were small and told him he could fly if he jumped off my bed (he broke his arm) and take me seriously.

Regardless, here's reason #4539786 why my life is a sitcom.

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