Wednesday, October 6, 2010

that one time i was mistaken for a lesbian.

this is too good to pass up.
so i'm currently attempting to get someone to take over the lease on my apartment because i'm moving on to bigger and better things (ie. gypsy house, stay tuned for details). i posted an ad on craigslist with the information and this exchange student from the UK replies almost immediately.
i tell her i can send pictures later if she's interested. my intent was pictures of the apartment. she took this as me hitting on her and wrote "thanks aubrey, i appreciate your candor" and went on to explain that she's single, straight but also gay friendly. and then she signed it with, "p.s. i have all the pics i need."
biggest fail.

this one's up there with the great 2008 rejection letter incident from UC Merced when i didn't even apply. my life is a sitcom.

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