Friday, March 11, 2011

you know who's looking fine tonight? seth mosakowski.

1. "Aubrey, wanna come over and put fake mustaches on and take pictures of ourselves?" is that even a question? So we did that the other night until 4am when we decided to go to the gym. Woo college.

2. Have you ever been walking and see a cute guy ahead but it's hot outside and you're in a rush so you might be sweaty but rather than risk it, you detour to avoid him? No? Maybe that's just me.

3. Let's talk about gas. No, saying that you (hypothetical person, not YOU exclusively) are attending "no gas on March 14th" or whatever isn't going to change anything. Not buying gas for one day doesn't change the long run supply & demand, or even short run for that matter, it doesn't change instability in the Middle East. If anything, OPEC is going to log into Fbook and laugh at all the people who are "attending" a fake event. It's macroeconomics baby.
edit 3.12: I just marked that I'm "attending"No Lamborghini Day! in which we will all not buy a Lambo for a day in order to get the price down so then we can all afford one. lol I love econ majors.

4. I was really sad today for Japan. Since when did natural disasters become political? "This earthquake was probably a Republican but since Japan has universal health care, I'm not so sure we can help them..." No one actually said that but Fox news was on and their discussion was in the same genre of ridiculous.
And how news programs are compelled to create sensationalist titles for everything. My favorite is always STORM WATCH 2011 (or insert year) but this DISASTER IN THE PACIFIC is a close second.
Also, it was mentioned that Pres Obama was woken up at 4am and told of the disaster. I really want to know whose job it is to wake him because that can be a pretty awkward situation, going into his private bedroom, Michelle asleep in the same bed.
"Barack, wake up. There's 'Disaster in the Pacific.'"
and if he's like any normal person it will take him a minute to register. (and if he's like me there are granola bar wrappers in his bed because he's a sleep-walking-eater.) "What? oh okay." goes back to sleep.
"No, B-man, you should really get up and talk to some people. Hillary's on her way."
because in my perfect world, Hillary is always saving the day. but really, it seems like the wake-upper position should be a lowly intern's job. If so, sign me up.

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