Thursday, March 3, 2011

stormin' the capitol.

Last weekend I attended the UCSA student lobby conference as a delegate from my campus for the second year.
[with a couple of my freshman babies in the debriefing room. waiting.]

Highlights include:
-new friends (including freshman asking me for life advice and feeling old when it was mentioned they were born in 1992)
-attending conference workshops.
-lobbying! donning Hillary Clinton power suits everyday; feeling like a seasoned pro in the Capitol building; networking with assemblymen's interns.
-being a fan-girl all weekend to this ridiculously good looking Boalt Law/public policy Berkeley grad student ("There's probably two of you in this room who are actually interested in this." I honestly so was. and the fact that he was good looking and super smart and not an ass about his accomplishments. even better.)

honorable mentions:
-THE DRIVE UP TO SACRAMENTO! we endured rain, sleet, snow, saw a car fall off a cliff and stopped to help. I was a nervous wreck & spent the remainder of the drive being comforted by this boy I had barely met two hours ago. ("Aubrey, do you need a hug?" and so we sat in the backseat hugging.) but really, those people were so lucky to be alive and I called 911 for the second time in my life.

overall: I love activism, politics, passionate people, hotel food.

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