Sunday, May 2, 2010

a list of "things" i like more than the average person.

list compiled while on a bus to and from san diego with a gaggle of environmentalists between bursts of eating dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds, reading Marx's commie manifesto, and sleeping off a hangover (okay, so i kind of spent this entire weekend drunk and/or hungover but really, no matter how academic a college student conference may seem, there are always festivities afterward)

1. mundane hygiene activities, most specifically eyebrow tweezing, teeth flossing, pumice stoning my skin.
2. taking vitamins. i'm up to six daily right now, all serving individual purposes.
3. getting really ridiculously sweaty. (gym-wise, of course)
4. making my steps match the beats to music when walking to class.
5. Target.
6. pretending that i hang out with Shaun White and photoshopping myself everywhere with him.
7. coffee.
8. peanut butter and apples.
9. Fellini
10. lazying at parks.
(11. and now composting)
oh p.s. SD is beautiful this time of year.

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