Saturday, October 17, 2009

don't wake me, i plan on sleeping in

This week I:
-pledged with Alpha Phi Omega, stayed with this lovely group of people until 2:30 am and thus created what I know will be forever friendships.
-told a group of people they should vote me as their secretary because I love Hillary Clinton and she’s Secretary of State. Oh, and I make good photocopies (really Aubrey?)
-drove around with a boy I absolutely adore and spilled my life story to him in the process of eating about a pound of French fries.
-was asked to dance by said boy in the parking lot.
-realized there are some things I may never understand, people I will never understand but that unknowing is okay.
-was congratulated by a person I respect very much for work I worked very hard on.
-decided that this coming week I will attend all my classes (I promise).
-danced in the rain with my little brother.
-played “let’s make weird faces on a webcam” with one of my best friends.
-lost track of time in the children’s book section of the library.
-wondered if I can really do this, and yes, I can.
This weekend:
-is going by entirely too quickly.
-involved a rainy beach day, sore feet, ramen noodles.
-will take me to a concert in LA with my dad.
-is simply lovely.

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