Wednesday, February 23, 2011

macbook is the new facebook is the new myspace: a social experiment.

This is dedicated to the resurgence of the iconic "bathroom cell phone pic."* You know the ones where you can see toothpaste splattered on the mirror and a dirty bleach stained towel hanging in the background?** Yeah, I love those. And when there are song lyrics posted as the caption?*** Even better. And inevitable the picture subject's friend will comment either one of the two things: 1. "Looking cute!" 2. "Omg, you're so pretty."
Admittedly I'm guilty of a few of these back in the 8th and 9th grade years. Luckily no one uses myspace anymore and I'm in college and mature so obviously I use my macbook to store these pics of myself.
So here's the experiment: unfortunately I still have some dignity but in a perfect world I would post this.

Kissin on ya chest & I'm diggin out your stress

I wont stop till your finished

But you aint felt love till a gangsta get up in it


and then someone (most likely someone with the aforementioned toothpaste bathroom pic) would be like: "OMG, hey sexy!" ::insertnamelikesthis::

*SNL's Weekend Update had a spoof of this a couple weeks ago. An iphone ap that would automatically erase these mirror strains. genius.

**okay so it's not even just the middle school kids I babysit (which is somewhat justifiable) that have these pictures, some people I know (family members in their mid 20s, fml) take these.

***lyrics usually about friendship or endless summers or california or all of the above.

And the purpose of this experiment is to show that no one looks cute with toothpaste freckles seemingly all over their body while making the duck lip face and posting lyrics from a song that was cool in 2005.

So go ahead, I dare you to tell me I look cute in this picture or how much you relate to my favorite derogatory rap lyrics and you better double "like" it. We all know you're lying anyway.

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