Monday, November 15, 2010

this is a new kind of blues.

So unfortunate Friday continued this past week with me getting stuck in an elevator in the oldest building on campus. This was after I basically cried a little and begged my advisor to remove the ridiculous hold on my account and let me register for classes on time. So there I was stuck in an elevator just as my registration opened. Thankfully I had full cell reception and WIFI so not only was I able to Fbook status my situation, I was also able to register for 19 glorious units as I waited to be rescued.
But don't get too excited, unfortunate Friday continued and culminated last night with another fucking car incident at 10pm in a deserted parking lot. (What the fuck life, what the fuck.) Thankfully I've never taken myself too seriously or I'm sure I would have had a complete meltdown by now. Instead I find the humor in these situations, call AAA for the thirtieth time, take mental notes for my memoir (appropriately entitled Missed Opportunities)/manuscript for the sitcom about my life, channel my frustrations into school and work and continually kick my own ass with intense gym sessions.
On another note, I'm looking forward to Thursday and seeing the Potter midnight showing in Los Angeles with A. I'm already planning my character costume and ready to let my nerd flag fly high. Then Friday I'm off to Santa Barbara for the weekend to attend a conference. Work yes, but also some play and really just a great change of scenery and a shared hotel room with two hilarious and wonderful coworkers.
I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving. Scratch that, really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not only is it my favorite holiday but I am counting down the hours until Best Friend and the Parisians can play. I want me some fast food excursions, afternoon bike rides, and general lazying around Alexis St.
But also, I'm looking forward to getting some rest. I tried to take a night off last week and it was almost physically impossible. I felt so guilty and anxious and I've come to realize that when I'm to the point where I feel guilty about sleeping, I have a problem.
Tonight I Skyped with Mr. Hern. I miss him so much. Tennessee needs to give him back, sooner the better.

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