Tuesday, August 3, 2010

recent revelations.

there are no poorly lit camera phone pictures of food for this. just sweet and simple aspects of life that make me inextricably happy.
-drinking stale, year-old beer with two friends. giggling over things that probably aren't that funny. making pacts to never drink alone. making pacts that when we are alone, we will come to each other, always.
-foreign films, faking accents, and falling asleep in beds together.
-the security of home. the automatic best friendships that occur with siblings.
-scones and green tea. early mornings with lots of fog.
-girl crush on Angelina Jolie. pretending that i know her and that i will be exactly like her character in Salt.
-planning birthday parties. surprises, cake.
-long walks and late night talks.
-economics. reading economics, learning economics, i might be the only person who really enjoys economics.
-not too distant future plans: marathon, tattoo, london, boston.

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