Tuesday, August 31, 2010

gentleman, good night. ladies...good morning.

songs i listen to that get me ridiculously pumped up to begin/endure running many miles:
1. frontin' - pharrell williams (stuck in 2002 obviously, but this is my current favorite song. i usually begin with this, the rest are no particular order)
2. bowl of oranges- bright eyes
3. american boy- estelle f. kanye
4. new york- jayz f. alisha keys
5. photobooth- friendly fires
6. no you girls- franz ferdinand
7. animal- miike snow
8. big pimpin- jayz
9. senorita- justin timberlake
10. wake up- arcade fire
11. the big guns- jenny lewis f. watson twins
12. daft punk is playing at my house- lcd soundsystem
13. going up the country- canned heat
14. the skin of my yellow country teeth- clap your hands say yeah
15. knife- girl talk's remix of grizzly bear

p.s. tomorrow is september, then it'll be october and then october 18 and that's when i run the real deal. crap.

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