Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blacking out the friction.

so a really awkward weekend led to a teary phone call to one of the bffs and before i knew it we were sitting downtown. me with huge sunglasses to cover my running makeup and swollen eyes, and her with her calm, collected, i'll drop what i'm doing to sit with you on a corner demeanor and her scarily npr-like voice. we came to the conclusion that riverside is suffocating me and redlands does and will always make people crazy. and if i want to find the boy in question, all i have to do is sit on any street downtown because he will ultimately drive by at precisely the exact moment we're speaking of him.

and then i find that yoga is my ultimate healer and i can disconnect my body from my mind and just be an entity. sleep can cure almost anything and tomorrow is a new day. so i went to meeting and smiled and spent the entire evening with gentleman friend and even fell asleep on his shoulder during a two a.m. car ride home.

and in case you were wondering, my dad is and will always be the only man i'm a sucker for. so if he texts me asking if i want to meet for coffee and newspaper reading, i will promptly stop gchatting with people who are across the room from me in the library lab, run to my car, and drive twenty-five minutes to an iced americano and a copy of the new yoker, ultimately ditching my afternoon class and almost being late to a service i am chair of. (opps, bad leadership)

so note to self: move past this breakdown. it's your birthday soon and good things will happen. i promise.

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