Thursday, November 19, 2009

what's eating gilbert grape

okay, so a quick list of things that are bothering me this week:
-people keep staring at me lately. not like the normal glances you take at people as you pass them by, no, people are full on staring. if it's just me then i accept being awkward but if there is snot on my face or something as equally tragic, please let me know. thanks.
-all the music i listen to reminds me of you and it's partially annoying because we have really good taste in music (obviously) but the problem is, you're not here to enjoy it with me.
-my econ professor is being ridiculous and my bias toward her makes me want to hate her class but i can't because i really really love it.
-this week is kind of going really slow. please hurry up.
-i haven't gotten to hang out with bart all week really. but when he tells me i look fancy, it turns a bad day into a good one.
-i can't watch project runway tonight and i'm overwhelmed with thursday meeting and i maybe sort of broke down and cried on the curb today.

that's all.

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