Friday, November 27, 2009

dear future husband*:

i was feeling especially domestic this afternoon so i made the cutest autumn lunch--a mixed green salad with homemade pomegranate raspberry dressing, butternut squash soup, garlic toast, and a huge 36-cookie batch of pumpkin chocolate chip oat cookies. oh, and warm lemon water to drink. and you would be so proud because i did everything from scratch and though this meal is quite simple, nothing was burnt and everything was pretty. and i don't expect you to be vegetarian but every now and then i won't cook meat for you and instead we will have healthy little meals like this. as i cooked, i listened to phoenix and then Christmas music because i am so excited for the holidays. and we will be haughty and trite and watch an inconvenient truth (because i watched that too) while eating our lovely vegetarian meal.
can't wait to meet you,

* preferably long long long term boyfriend, seeing as i don't want to be married.

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