Friday, July 10, 2009

Creeping in Carlsbad.

I came to the resolution that I love driving. I love road trips. If you ever need a driver, let me know. I'll drive you (just pay your gas).
So the fam is still in Carlsbad and I'm happy to be home. Love nights in when I have the house to myself and it's so nice to be in my own shower again.

Anecdote of the day:
As we're unloading luggage and food into the cottage (my dad brought so much freaking food; pre-made ribs, corn, burgers, mash potatoes...kid you not), dad goes into the bedroom and sees two men fighting in the alleyway below our balcony. They're arguing, obviously hammered, and this girl is trying to break them apart. Dad calls us in and we all go watch this fight unfold. Standing on the bed and jumping up and down, we whisper holler and cheer for our favorite: either guy in the white shirt or shiny bald guy in tank top. It gets good- guy in white shirt slaps shiny bald guy in tank top a couple of times, and it goes back and forth like this. All the while, the girl is yelling at them and we realize she's egging them on. Favorite part:
Girl [said with whiny girl voice]: "Gary, you're gay!"
Guy in white shirt (Gary): "I'm not gay, I'm not gay."
So apparently the girl sucked Gary's dick and shiny bald guy in tank top, presumably her husband, wasn't having it. They never fully fought though, much to the girl's dismay. Try harder at doing the nasty next time, girl.

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