Monday, September 21, 2009

the shadow proves the sunshine

Though we will continue to die in one-hundred plus degrees of heat, today is the official last day of summer.
Here is a list of my accomplishments: (in no particular order, just as I kept track of them in my black book)
- Relating to every Taylor Swift song ever.
- Learning to breathe on my own.
- Gaining independence.
- Travel!
- Adventures with the greatest people in the entire universe.
- Recreational drug use... (not sure if this is an accomplishment)
- First date! (the stereotypical "pick you up at seven" type date)
- Learning to cook really awesome food.
- Concerts.
- Really good books, most specifically Dave Eggers and meeting him.
- Relating to 3LW and realizing "baby I'm a do-right"
- Falling in love with Northern California, again.
- Discovering a passion in biking, Rock Racing, and everything that accompanies this two wheeled device.
- Taking up ultimate ball/frisbee.
- Running a 5k.
- Becoming closer with some amazing people and meeting new ones.
- New possibilities.

In conclusion: It's been the best summer. A long one at that, I'm excited for fall, excited for this next chapter of my life and though I am generally freaking out about everything, I am happy. and I love it.

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